Even the best relationships can struggle with the pressures of work, family, money, and the passage of time.  You probably have already learned that making a relationship really work includes some hard work. Even if you both found “the one”—“the one that was meant to be”— your “soul mate” (to use some of the descriptors couples have shared with me over the years) nevertheless, BOTH OF YOU STILL NEED TO TEND THE RELATIONSHIP AND MAKE CERTAIN YOU SUSTAIN THE SATISFACTION IT PROVIDES.

Fanning the Flames of Romance packs the equivalent of months of relationship coaching into 26 pages of specific suggestions, proven ideas, and time tested methods for tuning up and reinvigorating relationships that aren’t “sick” - and aren’t “in desperate need of therapy”. 

The ideas you will find in it have been shared with 100s of couples who have seen the changes these methods can bring.

Fanning the Flames of Romance is something you can turn to again and again over the years to remind yourself (and each other) of ideas and suggestions that will insure the continued growth of love, passion, and security in your relationship.  

Order it today and select any one of the lessons it offers to see immediately how the ideas it contains can make such a big difference in your lives.  Master that one skill and then move on the the next one.  You will be glad you did and so will your partner. 

Your relationship will be more peaceful, more secure, more satisfying, and display more love than ever before.

About Dr. David Bloodgood

For almost 30 years I sat in my therapy office across from a big leather couch listening to 8 - 10 couples each day tell me the details of their failing relationships. The room would seem to fill with anger, resentment, grief, and despair.  Most often these were fundamentally good people. Frequently they professed their love for each other, but felt helplessly focused on their pain, fear, betrayals, and hopelessness.  It was easy to wonder if there were any couples out there who’s relationships were primarily peaceful, joyful, and satisfying.

    So, after nearly 3 decades, I made the decision to turn my attention to couples who were grounded on a firm foundation of love, respect, and commitment—but just wanted to see their relationships become even stronger, more fulfilling, and remain passionate as the years passed. It was at that point that I made the decision to focus on RELATIONSHIP COACHING rather than THERAPY.

    I quickly discovered that most couples didn’t need to be analyzed or diagnosed. They just needed some ideas that they could embrace and practice that would allow them to use their own understanding of each other to shore up and enhance their already good relationship.

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